Update Oct 5, 2010

 I have to say that last week was one of the most special nights I've ever had.  For many years, I thought if I had a chance to go back to just one city, one building one more time, where would it be?  Deep in my heart I've probably always known it was New York's Madison Square Garden.  

What made it even more special was being able to fulfill an even larger, more meaningful dream: that of tag-teaming with Natalya, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd, the Hart Dynasty.  I often wished that I'd somehow find a way to join them; to wrestle in MSG is every young wrestler's dream.  I couldn't help but feel the presence of both my parents, Davey, and the ghosts of too many wrestlers gazing down from heaven.  I can't tell fans just how impossible this all was only months ago, but to walk out past my wife Steph, my oldest daughter Jade, her man Kyle, and my granddaughter Krya with my theme song blasting was just incredible.  

I wish I could have finished telling my New York fans how much it meant being back there when someone with no foresight or sense of history sent Nexus out to disrupt me.  Sometimes I wish people could see the bigger picture: what the fans want and not the wrestling storyline so much.  Anyway, I love you New York, thank you for never forgetting me.  You always made me feel like an honest hero with the loyal trust and respect of the greatest fans in the world.  In my return to WWE since January 4, 2010, working MSG is the biggest thrill, much more meaningful than WrestleMania, Summerslam, or for that matter, maybe even the burying of the hatchet with Shawn Michaels.

I was very proud of David and Tyson, who did the brunt of the work as we took on Nexus.  Having Jerry Lawler as our special guest referee and Howard Finkel, his voice ringing out just like the good old days, only made it that much more special. As the New York crowd spurned us on, we worked a tight, fast-paced match with Nattie cheerleading below me from the floor.  After being tagged in and dismantling these Nexus boys piece by piece, like a fantastic dream, a crisp backbreaker, I float up to the corner second rope. My eyes scanning left and right, the noise deafening with no time to think, 13 years, my titanium knee and everything else, I launch myself straight up and come crashing down with an excellently executed spiked elbow on Heath Slater.  The pop was huge, more than I could ever hope for.  

I sprawled for the cover with my fans counting with each slap of Lawler's hand, "1...2..ahh!"  Within a few seconds I tripped up Heath and begun to step through for my Sharpshooter but a nasty little poke in the eye was just enough to save him, and one of his Nexus crew snatched me back by the hair and as I struggle to free myself, Heath is charging at me with a runaway high knee.  I move, of course, and escape long enough to tag big David in to finish these guys off.  But Nexus eventually got the upper hand again and I decide that it's time to mix some Foundation into the Dynasty and as David reversed Justin Gabriel and dropped flat, and I slide down hanging on to the top rope and slammed a boot straight into his back and turned the momentum back into our favor.  I just need to say that for me to use ,or better yet, rely on my stroke-affected left leg makes this much more significant for me.  Anyway, before long, the Hart Dynasty set him up with the classic Hart Attack and I found myself in a happy dreamlike state twisting Justin Gabriel up in a sharpshooter.  The Garden fans going nuts; I can't hear anything.  Nattie's jumping up and down, Tyson and David both beaming identical smiles.  What a moment!  I'll never forget it!  Thank you all who were there and all those who made it happen.  

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