Junior Hockey and Hitman Bobblehead

There are those in the Hart family who have, from time to time, implied that I, Bret Hitman Hart, have a big head. Well, okay, they can have it their way. At least on Friday night, January 16th, when the invasion of the Hitman bobble heads hits Calgary!

I’m very flattered to be immortalized by the Calgary Hitmen in such a fun way and I can only hope that there’s a big turn out to inspire the team on to victory against the mighty Moose Jaw Warriors.

It’s not always easy coming up with shining tidbits of literary wisdom ( I jest) - and I thought I was going to have an easy time writing my column this week because I was eager to say, now there’s another Hitman whose won gold - Ryan Getzlaf - but, you know what, I’m just as proud of the Canadian national junior team for bringing back some silver. As disappointing as it was for everybody, especially them, I feel it’s only fair to say that losing to the Americans will no doubt do a lot of good for the world of junior hockey south of the border - and that’s a good thing for junior hockey everywhere. But, at the same time, I want to congratulate Ryan on rising to the task and making all the Hitmen fans back home so very proud! As much as we missed him, it’s great to have him back in the line up!

I was watching Mike Eggener explain how he couldn’t bear to watch the world championships on TV because it was just too painful for him not to be there, being that he was the last cut. Hey Mike, I know what you mean, I sometimes feel like that when I watch wrestling.

With Kelly Kisio’s recent trades it looks like it’s gearing up to be a real scrum come play off time! Gerry Festa played a really good season for us and I want to wish him luck and welcome aboard our new goalie, Barry Brust, in from Spokane. All the best to Aaron Boogaard who has gone to Tri-city. I also want to welcome a new Brett The Hitman to the team, Brett O’Malley, acquired from Lethbridge. Why, only last week, I was up in my usual seat shaking my fist at him, but now all I can say is welcome aboard! He’s just what the Hitmen needed, with a style reminiscent of Brent Dodginghorse - gritty and determined! O’Malley is a player that can - and will - make things happen and is not afraid to mix it up.

Hitmen hockey is still the best bang for your buck so come on down and check it out. The best part of the hockey season is yet to come. If you want a bobble head of yours truly at the game on January 16th , go to Wendy’s to get a voucher, while they last! There’s more than a good chance you might see me waiting at the drive through ordering my usual number eight , super sized.