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Bret will be appearing at the following events
22 Apr 2018 Summit Sport Collectibles Show Sherwood Park, AB Millennium Place Millennium Place More Info
28 Apr 2018 Legends of Slam Lake Tahoe, NV., NV Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa Montbleu Resort Casino & Spa More Info
05 Jun 2018 Evening with Bret Hart UK Tour Brighton The Brighthelm Centre The Brighthelm Centre More Info
06 Jun 2018 An Evening with Bret Hart UK Tour Cardiff, UK Portland House Portland House More Info
07 Jun 2018 An Evening with Bret Hart UK Tour Oldham Queen Elizabeth Hall Queen Elizabeth Hall More Info
08 Jun 2018 An Evening with Bret Hart UK Tour Shepard’s Bush, London Bush Hall Bush Hall More Info

Common Questions About Event Appearances

The difference between Book Signings & Autograph Sessions

Bret’s book is available for purchase at book signings. Anyone who purchases a book at a book signing can meet Bret and have their book autographed. (See below for exception). There is no additional charge for having your book autographed.


In order to assure that everyone who buys a book gets to meet Bret and have their book signed Bret does not sign anything but books at book signings – until the book signing is over. In other words, IF Bret has finished signing books for everyone on the line BEFORE the time that the book signing is scheduled to be over, he MAY then sign memorabilia that fans have brought along. It will be announced before the book signing starts if Bret will sign memorabilia at the end – IF he gets through the book signing line and time permits. So…. if you bring memorabilia to a book signing please be aware that you may not be able to get it signed. The procedure is; wait on line – which is fun because you get to meet a lot of other Bret Hitman Hart fans! – meet Bret and have your book autographed, and then, if you have memorabilia, get back on the end of the line. IF Bret can work his way to the end of the line before the scheduled end of the signing he’ll sign your memorabilia, if nothing is preventing him from doing so.


Everyone on the line at a book signing will be asked to follow certain guidelines in order to make the line move as quickly as possible. The line moving faster does NOT mean you will spend less time with Bret when you make it to the front and get to the signing table where Bret is seated. The line moving faster only means that more people will get to meet Bret and that there is a greater chance he’ll be able to sign memorabilia for those who choose to get back on the end of the line.


The people at the venue should ask everyone on the line to do the following things when it comes to preparing your book to be signed. If they don’t ask you – please do it anyway. And, please tell everyone around you on the line to do it too. Tell them you read it on Bret’s web site. You’ll be helping as many fans as possible to meet Bret that day so thanks from Bret and thanks from them.


  1. Use the book jacket flap to flap your book(s) open to the title page.
  2. Either bring a stickie “Post It” note or you will be provided with one (for each book). On the stickie note please write only the name or names that you would like your book personalized to. Please do NOT write sayings, slogans or essays on the stickie note, only the name or names you want Bret to personalize your book to. Place the stickie note on the book flap that is holding the title page open.
  3. Hand Bret your book open to the title page.
  4. If you have more than one copy of the book, put a stickie with names in each and stack the OPEN books on top of each other. Put the open stack on the table in front of Bret – maximum 5 to a stack. 10 copies per person.
  5. If you want to have more than 10 books signed, email to make special arrangements in advance. Clearly state your name and contact info and what signing(s) you’ll be attending.
  6. You CAN have a photo taken with Bret at MOST book signings (see exception below). At no time is anyone allowed behind the table at which Bret is sitting in order to pose for a photo with Bret. Any unauthorized person behind the table is subject to being escorted from the premises. You are welcome to shake Bret’s hand across the table. At most signings there are one or two people on hand whose sole responsibility it is to take photos. You will see them up front. Hand them your camera or cell phone and they will take a picture of you and Bret and then give your camera or cell phone back to you. Therefore, we suggest you bring a camera or cell that will be simple for the ‘photographer’ to use, with no advance training on the device. We try to use “photographers” who are good with gadgets.

If you wish to volunteer to be a “photographer” at any signing or autograph session listed here at please email and include your name and contact info, including phone, along with what events you plan to attend. Please note, this is NOT an easy job. Things are moving very fast. You have to be able to snap once in a lifetime photos for people with devices you have never used before – and you only have one shot to do it.


Sometimes stuff happens. Sometimes we’re not able to do things exactly as described here and we’ll wing it.


* If, before the book signing begins, it is obvious that there are too many people on the line to meet Bret within the scheduled length of the signing, it will be up to the discretion of Bret and his management if he can sign for extra time. Sometimes this is simply impossible due to scheduling concerns – such as travel and flight schedules, live interviews, etc. If the line is so long at the beginning that not everyone is guaranteed to meet Bret, an announcement will be made. We do everything we can to avoid this scenario and Bret takes it very seriously to try to meet as many fans as possible who came out to see him.


** The signing table is often elevated on a platform. To request handicapped access please email in advance. Please clearly state your name and contact information, including phone, along with what signing(s) you plan to attend.

*** If you already have a copy of Bret’s book that you’d like signed you CAN have it signed BUT there may be different guidelines or a possible minimal charge for this, depending on the venue. Check event descriptions in the appearances area.


At an autograph session Bret will sign copies of his book and memorabilia you bring with you as well as publicity photos that will be available for sale at the venue. Rules vary somewhat at different autograph sessions depending on the venue and the promoter we’re working with for each event.

Please go by the guidelines for having a book signed (above) – flapping it open, stickies, etc. You CAN be photographed with Bret at an autograph session – sometimes over the table (as above) and sometimes without the table. This varies from session to session. The cost varies from session to session too. Check the appearances area for info about each autograph session.


Bret enjoys staying in touch. Hitman fans are the best in the world!

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