Nov. 22, 2008; Birmingham, UK: Louise Buckley

Nov. 22, 2008;  Birmingham, UK: Louise Buckley


     Just wanted to share my story of finally meeting Bret after following him/his career for 17 years!!

After weeks & weeks of panicking about the actual day it was finally here & I was so excited!

     I got to the NEC about 8am ready to queue for Bret who was due to arrive about 11am. Had a mad rush when the doors opened at 9am to find the stand where he would be doing the signing but when I got there I was glad to find only 5 people already waiting ahead of me. Now my only worry was if he would actually turn up!

     Well after waiting a couple of hours my hero arrived. That first sighting was AMAZING! I felt a mix of all emotions - part of me was shaking with excitement/nerves, part of me wanted to cry out of happiness & another part was just utter disbelieve that Bret was actually only a couple of metres away from me.

     When I got to the table & Bret looked up I was in absolute awe. I'd visualised the moment for so many years & couldn't believe my luck. He was a pleasure to meet, we talked for a couple of mins about his book & launching it in the UK next year (all the time I'm ashamed to say I was grinning like an idiot!) & then I got to shake his hand which was one of the biggest honours I've ever had in my life.

I went away to queue for the professional photo shoot which was taking place about an hour later & when I got to have my photo taken I was in heaven....Bret actually said to me 'I hope I don't look too tired in this photo'....I could not believe he was worried about how he looked!! I just turned to him and said 'don't be daft'!! To me he looked really handsome & I loved the T-shirt he'd designed. Yes they are terrible photos of me (grinning again like a bit of a nutter!) but I don't really care; they are memories that will last a lifetime & I will always treasure so THANKS BRET - YOU ARE A LEGEND!! I can honestly say you made my dreams come true.

     Oh & I also went back to the NEC the following day to do it all again :-)

     Louise Buckley from Birmingham, UK