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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thursday, March 11 - Canada AM on CTV
TSN'S Off the Record with Michael Lansberg
WWE Experience on The Score
Wednesday, March 17 - The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC TV

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Online Store Launched!

The long wait is finally over! Hitman fans checkout my online store here:

Enjoy the new gear, thanks for waiting patiently!


Update Feb 22, 2010

It was really great seeing so many of the WWE wrestlers backstage in the last couple of months. I would've loved to have spent more time with many of them. I won't be at Raw in Indianapolis but it would've been great to have gone back there another great city where I've had many great matches. One of the greatest matches of my career was against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VIII. I can think of a lot of guys that loved wrestling there. It was a good wrestling town and it would've been nice to say hi to them after all these years.

It's been hard getting around with my leg but, all things considered, the weather's been really nice and, with the Olympics on, it's worth propping your leg up and getting lost in the excitement of it all. I simply don't have anything to say about Canada's loss in Olympic hockey against the feisty Americans. Canadians fight best when their backs are pressed against the wall. I still believe! Go Canada Go!

Book Signing: Tempe, AZ March 27, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

Saturday, 27 March 2010
Changing Hands Bookstore 6428 S. McClintock Dr. , Tempe, AZ 85283 2:00 pm


Update Feb 14, 2010

Firstly, I'd like to say how great it is watching Canada compete in the Winter Olympics this year. Canadian pride is swollen to an all- time max and I have high expectations on how Canada will do this year. It's a shame that tragedy struck so quickly with the death of the Georgian luger and, like all Canadians and people around the world, my heart goes out to his family and his fellow countrymen. In a sad but odd way, I know how it feels watching someone you love die in front of the world doing something they love. Go Canada Go! Show the world what we're made of!

As far as the WWE goes, all I can say is where the heck is Jim Ross?

Hart Family DVD Update

It's been especially rewarding watching the rough cut of the new Hart Family DVD coming out by the WWE in April with candid interviews by several of my sisters and brothers, who offer interesting perspectives on things that even I didn't know. This video will impress any fans that knew and loved my family. The research of footage is as impressive as any DVD project undertaken by WWE Home Video. Clips of the old Stampede days both in black and white and in color, along with rare family photos and personal interviews with varying brothers and sisters, bring back memories of imagery from Hart House family dinners, the dungeon, the Victoria Pavilion, and even Clearwater Beach. This April, I'll proudly put this DVD next to my favorites in my collection.


Post Jan 4, 2010 RAW Appearance Update

"It's hard to begin describing what a surrealistic feeling it was to walk out on the ramp to "Hitman" chants and my music pounding in my head.  I want to say I was nervous but I wasn't.  Was this really happening?  Was any of this possible?  Had it really been 12 years?  I have a lot of great memories from different times I wrestled in Dayton, Ohio over my 14-year WWE career, including winning the first ever King of the Ring, but the memory of the January 4th Monday Night Raw stands among the highest.  Prior to the show, throughout the day, numerous WWE superstars and employees from all levels bent over backwards to make me feel at home. Many of them expressed to me how honored they were to be there on such as special night.  Many of them seemed touched, if not emotional, in what I can only describe as one of the happiest nights in wrestling history.

Facebook Update

Hello Hitman fans! Thank you for the overwhelming response to my first official facebook profile! It took only 48 hours to get to 10000+ fans! THANK YOU FANS!  I was just notified that my personal profile is limited to only 5000 fans, so I have created a fan page to accommodate for additional fans. I will be posting updates, stories, and other info about once a week to both my fan page and my facebook profile. Here is the link to the fan page:

Thank you for all the photo uploads! They all bring back so many memories! Please post as many photos here as you like, I would love to see them.

I will be posting a response to some of the many wall comments and my appearance on RAW in the next couple days... stay tuned...

Facebook Profile

Greetings Hitman fans, I have created my first Facebook profile: 

Please feel free to add me as a friend to recieve news updates, etc.  Please report any other profiles as fake! Thx!


New Merchandise Available Soon!

Happy New Year to all the Hitman fans out there! We will be launching our new online store in the coming weeks, check back soon to order new and vintage collection Hitman T-shirts, hats and limited edition autographed memorabilia.

Germany Tour Nov 2009

Germany 2009
"I've safely returned from another wild and exciting American Wrestling Rampage tour and it was memorable and exciting to see so many of my old fans and many of my close wrestling buddies. My only disappointment was not being able to see more cities and see more of my fans after being gone for such a long time.  I've always said that my biggest fans came from Germany and I still believe that to be true.  Here are some pictures from the tour courtesy of Emon Kazem ("  View more Germanytour 2009 pics here

Harry, Nattie and JoJo

Harry Nattie, Jojo

"I had a chance to catch up with Nattie and Harry (Natalya and David Hart Smith in WWE) this past weekend and I had my first chance to show off my Chinese fighting dog, Jojo.  Even Harry was impressed with the wrestling knowledge that my dog possesses and Jojo surprised him with his takedowns and submission holds.  He was curious to know how Jojo would fare in his upcoming tournament.where he'll put on an exhibition against Guido Sanchez a young chihuahua who has his orange belt and has won several bouts with his finisher leg lock. Animal activists will be glad to know Jojo has never gone to the throat yet, and tends to let his opponents up after scoring his pinfall or a submission.

Ministry of Slam Radio Show UK interview

Direct link to Ministry of Slam Radio Show UK interview which will be airing on Sunday October 11th from 2pm EST US / 12pm Canada.

Calgary Hitmen 15 Year Anniversary

Calgary Hitmen 15th Anniversary

"It was great being invited back to drop the puck for the Calgary Hitmen this past Sunday for the 15th anniversary celebration. I had a great time at the game and though, unfortunately, the Hitmen lost their first game of the season, they're presently tearing up the league with a 6-1 record and have been touted as the number one ranked junior team in Canada for the third year in a row. I want to wish them all the best for what looks like another great season and I recommend to all classic Hitman fans to check out the cool throwback jerseys. It was what I envisioned all along. Let's go Hitmen!" -Bret


Check out pics from the event here

U.S. Paperback Release: Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling

Bret's critically-acclaimed autobiography "Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling" will be released on paperback in the US November 3, 2009.

Would you like to interview Bret Hart or book him for a live appearance?

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HITMAN: My Real LIfe In The Cartoon World of Wrestling

UK book cover;  hardcover;  April, 2009


HITMAN:  MY REAL LIFE IN THE CARTOON WORLD OF WRESTLING hit #1 upon it's release in Canada  (Random House Canada) in the fall of 2007 and stayed on the top of the bestseller lists for four months.

  HITMAN topped the US bestseller lists in the fall of 2008! Debuted at #5 in the UK in April 2009 shooting to the top from there!  (Random House UK - Ebury Press).

     HITMAN was released in Canada in paperback in May, 2008.  The Canadian first edition hardcover is sold out.

     US paperback release coming fall, 2009.  

Bret's book is  available  at book stores across North America and  the UK -  or order your copy  online at:     Barnes and

All the above online booksellers ship worldwide.



UK Sun article


UK Sun



Bret Hart is a sharp shooter




Bret interview with UK Maxim Mag

Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

Pink-wearing, ex-WWE wrestling champ Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart discusses forehead licking and elbows off the top turnbuckle…




You used to wrestle in a pink leotard. Please explain…

Wrestling With Shadows Now Available Online


The award winning documentary, Wrestling With Shadows, has been released for free  online viewing  by the National Film Board of Canada.


The 10th anniversary  DVD set - now available! -  includes a second full-length documentary, The Life & Death Of Owen Hart, along with exclusive bonus footage, including exclusive interviews with Bret and director, Paul Jay.  These features  are NOT available online and are only available in the DVD set.




To watch Wrestling With Shadows online now go to (copy & Paste) 

Bret's hour-long phone interview with


Monday, March 9, 2009   (interview took place Feb. 20, 2009)

WWE Legends: Bret Hart Interview

 By Jon Robinson

 The Hart Foundation, Vince McMahon, alcohol and a strip club. Sounds like a recipe for a riot. But to legendary "Hitman" Bret Hart, this combination led to one of the craziest off-camera moments in what Hart calls the "cartoon world" of professional wrestling.

Bret's Comments on The Wrestler - Macleans Magazine

The Hitman versus ‘The Wrestler’

The Wrestler is being lauded as the definitive portrayal of pro wrestling, but I submit that’s only because no one has asked a real wrestling champion about it—until now. In the movie, Randy “The Ram” Robinson was a main-eventer who sold out Madison Square Garden. So was I. The movie opens with a montage of clippings and event posters eerily similar to the ones in my personal collection. I lived that life for real. I liked the movie, and I’m disturbed by it.


Shadows 2009 Anniversary Release Jacket



         Here it is, the long awaited epilogue to the award winning, critically acclaimed Wrestling With Shadows.  Still widely considered the best wrestling film ever made -  because it's all real! - this special, limited collector's edition 10th anniversary  set includes a second  documentary,  The Life & Death of Owen Hart, never before released on DVD,  Bonus footage includes an exclusive in-depth  interview with Bret Hart,  candid and revealing, as he looks back over a decade, and a provocative interview with director Paul Jay, 


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