Check-Out Bret's Interview with The Beatdown

Bret did a phone interview with The Beatdown on  Tuesday, December 9, 2008.  He  did the interview while at home in Calgary recuperating from knee surgery.  This is a really interesting conversation about Bret's book.

  It's  posted at http://wbgnbeatdown.mypodcast.com/index.html    If you have comments  for Bret you can email him on the contact page.

Check Out Bret's Personal Photo Album from his Oct/Nov 2008 tour of Ireland & France - in the gallery area.


Photo descriptions and commentary in this album were written by Bret exclusively for this site.


Welcome Bret's new pug, Jojo


 I thought my fans might want to see my new dog Jojo. My rotten Italian ex-wife, Cinzia, along with the rest of her family, refused to give me back my old Chinese Fighting Dog (pug) Coombs, upon our divorce, despite Coombs having been with me throughout the passings of my brother Owen, my Dad, my Mother and my stroke. So finally I had no choice but to replace Coombs (pictured on the back sleeve of my book) with a worthy replacement. Heck, I barely had Jojo home when I looked out my kitchen window to see him gripping a baby doe by the nose and dragging him up my front steps. When I charged outside, it distracted Jojo enough for the young deer  to free itself and with its long legs it was able to sprint away with me, bad knee and all, racing along beside the two of them trying to prevent any more bloodshed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

120308. Bret's right knee two days after surgery


As posted here last week, Bret was scheduled for major reconstructive knee surgery on Monday, December 1, 2008. We're happy to let all of Bret's fans and friends around the world know that he came through the surgery just fine.  Bret is grateful for all the wonderful letters of support.  For anyone who still doesn't get how "real" pro wrestling is, here's a picture of Bret's knee two days after surgery.  (This picture is posted with Bret's knowledge and consent.)  He'll give us a comment to post as soon as he feels up to it.  

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